Dear Rude,

I wanted to write in to give everyone a quick update on my situation. First thank you to Shae for her thoughtful comment. You made me believe there is light after the tunnel. I also want to thank you Rude for answering my question. While I think you vaguely answered it and I don’t agree with it, I do respect it. I am well aware that there are many lesbian women who think like you and I find that very unfortunate. I did however take your advice and asked chocolate dream on an apology date. She agreed and wasn’t hesitant to say the least. I was very shocked lol. We had a very long engaging talk. The bottom line was she was more hurt than angry for me not telling her in the beginning. I guess in part it was due to me being afraid since it was the first time for me talking to a lesbian. She was hurt and the distance, as she says, was simply to avoid her from telling me off. I completely understand. As Shae said, if I can master the art of getting a medical degree, complete an internship, and now working on my residency, then I should be able to apply that to my personal life. Lying or hiding a piece of me will no longer happen. I have learned my lesson. I have learned that I must woman up. The talk chocolate dream and I had was much needed. I poured my heart out. She poured hers. We argued. At the end of it all we realized that we really like each other. 

I am happy to say we are officially dating. As she puts it she doesn’t want to lose the opportunity of getting to know a great woman. I thank her for giving me a chance and for putting her opinions to the side to really get to know who I am. And that is, not the stereotypical bisexual woman we are betrayed to be. I want to say to all the bisexual women please don’t feel discouraged when one doesn’t want you. There will be one that will look beyond your sexual orientation and love you for yourself. You are valued. And if you are a great woman it will exude to the next woman. Life is too short to waste a potential good opportunity. A good one will realize that.

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M.D., 29, Illinois


Dear M.D.,

Giiirrrlllll, I am so happy for you. I told you thats all she needed!

And honey, opinions are like assholes… So never be concerned with the opinions of people. We all have had life experiences that have jaded us in different ways. That comes with humanity. But always stay true to you and who you are.

Im so happy for you and I wish you guys nothing short of the best.

Don’t forget to send me an invite to the wedding 🙂

Madd Love,