The season of transition is upon us and that means renewal, restored energy and soul enrichment on the arisen.  The Winter time is a time of stagnation and the time in which things are held close for comfort and warmth.  You tend to be still and at an even keel at this stage and it allows your mind to repeatedly go over those things that seem to haunt you.  This is when your brain tends to become overloaded and for that, some can slip into a depressive state.  In the end, we are all human and a shell that is sensitive in this season.

The flesh feels as though you are in a still state, which can be translated within any loc journey that you may be on.  Whether it’s in the beginning or the “awkward” state in which you feel as though you can’t do anything with them.  They are where they are and only time will change their form, which is when “renewal” is on the horizon and is seen oh so clearly.

In this age of climate change the most bizarre Winter that I’ve experienced on record, had me stalled but moving in a different way.  Fighting against the energy that was there to help me, to guide me along the path that was chosen.  The creator will make it harder if you don’t let go, and stop fighting the natural course of things.  Once I realized what burden I had placed on my space and the fact that the energy surrounding me was suffocating me, I have begun to let go slowly but in a conscious effort to elevate within myself.

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At this season, with warmer weather comes sunshine, and the possibility of transcending within a different realm and space.  Your spirit awakens within and the progress that you have made begins to take on a faster pace.  One step at a time, but you begin to accelerates once the energy knows you understand the end goal.

We all just want to be better versions of our ancestors and the past in which we stand upon.  We all just want to understand the universe and energy in which we encounter.  In the end, we just want to be whole, stand in the face of GOD and know what we were placed on this earthly plane to individually accomplish, we’ve DONE.