Long Branch, NJ – On Tuesday May 23rd the Greater Long Branch NAACP held a voter registration education forum at the Adam “Bucky” James Community Center.  The voter registration drive was put together to increase the amount of potential voters in the Monmouth County area before the June 6th election date.

Youths were given a hands-on voting exercise by allowing them to enter the ballot booth and showing them step by step how to select their candidates and to cast their vote.  They had the chance to learn that they could even vote for themselves or a personal choice.  It was a great learning experience for the youth.

edited pic1 Greater Long Branch NAACP Educates Community On The Voting Process

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Eileen Keene, who is one of the four commission officers for the Monmouth Board Of Electio,  was on hand to give an overview of the voting process and the function of the a commissioner.  As one of the commissioner, she oversees the counting of all absentee ballots, makes sure that all staff workers are adequately educated so that they can properly assist the public at the polls.

Eileen reminds us that it is very important to vote even if you can not make it out to the polls.  She discussed the mail-in ballot process and how the number of people using this process has increased by over 35,000.  She also addressed questions on the ability of an ex-con to have the right to vote.  She pointed them to a law that addresses that issue and took down names of people that needed a more definitive answer on the question.

Election workers are always needed to fill the shortage of personnel working the polls.  She encouraged anyone interested in becoming a poll worker to contact the Monmouth County Board of Elections.  A $200 dollars stipend is paid to for workers for the day.