A mother’s love has no measure or bounds and Collette Sulcer was proof of that. Collette Sulcer was trying to find refuge when the aftermaths of Hurricane Harvey hit Southeastern Texas area hard.  41-year-old Collette Sulcer was found face down in the waters as her 3-year-old daughter Jordyn was clinging to her back alive.  Unfortunately, Sulcer passed away.

Authorities say  Sulcer was driving down an Interstate 10 service road in Beaumont,Texas, around 3:30 pm Tuesday when she came across high waters. “More than two inches of rain was falling per hour and wind gusts had reached 38 mph. Sulcer pulled into a nearby parking lot and got trapped, police said, so she grabbed her child, got out of the car and fled.”

Tragically, Sulcer and her daughter were swept into a canal about a half mile from the car by a strong current as the mother tried desperately to keep her child’s head above water. Officer Carol Riley, a spokeswoman for the Beaumont Police Department, said Sulcer “absolutely saved the child’s life,”

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Sulcer and Jordyn were found by two Beaumont police officers and two fire rescue divers. They spotted the toddler, who was wearing a small, pink backpack which helped her float, and pulled the mother and daughter from the water. Jordyn, who was suffering from hypothermia, was transported to a nearby hospital and listed in stable condition; Sulcer never regained consciousness.

The child told a relative that her mommy was “saying her prayers”, reports the New York Times.

“Jordyn told me they were in the yucky water for quite a while,” the relative added.

“It’s a tragedy that her mama died, but it’s a miracle that Jordyn survived.”

Beaumont police spokeswoman Officer Haley Morrow told Washington Post of Sulcer’s death, “It’s a true testament of a mother’s will to sacrifice her life to keep her child alive”