On November 3rd, 2017, the world’s hearts were shattered after hearing about the passing of 3-year-old Ayden Brown. Ayden Brown, whose story raised over $250,000, passed away after a courageous fight against stage 4 lung cancer.

His mother Lindsay Licari, whose been documenting Ayden’s story, released a statement on social media:
“Today, I lost my son. In this world, there was not one doctor, one person that could offer my son any options at all. And he aspirated and stopped breathing. And I tried to do CPR and bring Ayden back. But I wasn’t able to. And they tried again, the hospital six times,” she said, in part. “And even when I saw lines straight, I still knew God could still help him. But Ayden’s body couldn’t take anymore. So today, I lost Ayden because we live in a world that doesn’t prepare for child cancer.”

Licari also detailed why she decided to make her son’s battles public. According to her, she wanted everyone to know the trauma and to educate about the horrors of childhood cancer:

“I knew if this disease was going to take Ayden, everybody in the world would know who my son is,” she also said in the FB Live video. “Everybody will know Ayden Setoshi Brown. He was three years old. He could tell you every planet in the solar system. He was phenomenally smart and he loved me so much and I loved him too. He didn’t deserve to die.”

Ayden Brown’s story originally captured national attention in August when it was first reported by Fox 5 in Las Vegas. A GoFundMe page was set up earlier this month to help with medical expenses and has so far raised over $250,000.

Doctors predicted he would only survive for three weeks, however Ayden courageously fought past that point. The money that was raised has gone to great use as it was able to cover all of Brown’s medical expenses, including in-home medical equipment, bills and even rent so that his mother was able to stay in peace with her son.

“Help poured in from every way you can think of and we got help from a herbal doctor as well as other moms who’ve gone through this,” Licari said to Fox 5 in October. “To have the resources that were made available to us, it made it easier, and now we can pay our rent. I can stay with Ayden.”

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#RIPAyden you fought till the end. Sending our sincerest condolences to @lele_licari and the family.

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