Mr. David Wronko, social studies teacher, and Mr. Tim Mason, science teacher at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, joined by language arts teacher Elliot Ramirez had an interesting afternoon with the students in Ghana. The conversation went from 2:45 in the afternoon all the way to 4:30. This was also on a Friday. During this afternoon session many things were discussed. First English grammar was discussed. The students in Ghana were sharing what they were learning in their English class which included grammar and punctuation, sentence structure, and meaning. In addition, they informed Wronko, Mason, and Ramirez about all the history they were studying which not only involved U.S. history but also World History, Geography, current events, and watching CNN news.

From there the conversation took an interesting turn when the session became like Comic Con when all participants were discussing the upcoming Marvel, DC, and Star Wars movies coming out for the holidays and next year. Everyone spoke about their favorite characters and the superhero movies they wanted to see more. See the trailers below:

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