To start off the November Ghana sessions, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Otis Love, Alfonso Freda, and Wilbur V. Martin, visited the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Asbury Park New Jersey. They came to Mr. Wronko’s dream academy class to talk to the students in the middle school and Ghana about their military service. To begin this session, Ms. Elgart’s chorus sang not only the National Anthem but also God Bless America. Her students did an amazing job and the veterans were very great full.

Going first with his presentation was Vietnam veteran Otis Love. Otis Love spoke about being drafted in the military and being a guard for the 52 Bombers during the Vietnam War. He also spoke about his training with boot camp and how disciplined the military made people who served. Mr. Love also mentioned about how the military evolved today to include more women serving.

Next was Korean War veteran Alfonso Freda. Alfonso Freda spoke about the tough time he had serving during the Korean War. He mentioned also how he had family who served during World War One and World War Two. In addition, Mr. Freda informed students that if you see a veteran make sure to say thank you for their hard work and service because without them the United States would not be protected.

Finally, Vietnam War veteran Wilbur V. Martin spoke about his career as a paratrooper. He told the students that it was thrilling to jump out of a plane being so far up in the sky. Mr. Martin also spoke about traveling to other areas in the world and how he was proud to have served in the military.

After their presentations, the veterans answered numerous questions from all students such as how did their service change their life, how was their life when they returned home, and how do you view the military of today.

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This ended the morning session.

For the afternoon session, National Guard veteran and current third grade teacher for the Barack Obama Elementary School, Kevin Williams, spoke to the students in Ghana about his service being a member of the National Guard. He brought up while being a member of the National Guard that he had to go to New York City and help out after the 9/11 attacks. From there, he got into a great discussion with the students in Ghana asking them about what career they would like to pursue.

This was the end of the afternoon session.

Dante Love

Juna Weedon

Alejandra Garcia Chavez

Hasley Clemente

Jimya Davis-Sloan

Vah’Kyla Esdaile

Enjonae Griffin

Guadalupe Hernandez-Nava

Abira Hodge

Amaya Hodge

Tiviana Kenney

Javon King

Kayla Lewis

Ariana Linares

Joseph Lopez-Barrios

Andrew Martinez

Tysion Murchison

Hailey Perez

Principal Supervisor of this event: Mr. Gerbino

Vice Principal: Zakiya Del Orbe