In an unprecedented and surprising move for a major professional sports league, the NFL has proposed partnering with its players to fight for social justice change.

Last Monday, the league submitted to players the final draft of a proposal that, according to documents reviewed by ESPN, would contribute nearly $100 million to causes considered important to African-American communities. The NFL hopes this effort will effectively end the peaceful-yet-controversial movement that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started when he took a knee during the national anthem last season.

However, some players who actively protested since 2016 are not pleased with the NFL’s approach  and plan to break from the Players Coalition, a group of roughly 40 players who negotiated with the league office, over how its leaders have handled negotiations.

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Three players from the Players Coalition have come forward to express their displeasure, saying the league is using the proposal to stop the protests. Two players, Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers and Michael Thomas of the Miami Dolphins, said the proposal had been put together without their consent.

“It’s apparent the N.F.L. is trying to buy the end of the protest” Reid said.

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