With the close of another year upon us we begin to go over a laundry list of things that we want to elave in the present year, and those we want to work on in the next.  This is something that has become a “ritual” within the human experience, so we do our work in coming with things that will mostly fall by the waist side as time goes on.  But there is always one thing, that sticks to you like a dryer sheet in which you focus on, and for me that is “Insecurity”.

Now you ask, how would THIS translate within my hair journey?  I’m constantly looking at my hair NOW, paying attention to how they’ve locked and notice the imperfections in some.  The places that still have a spiral curl at the end, or I find random glitter (yes, glitter!…your hair absorbs things…lol).  What other things do I need to do to achieve what I want.  It’s all out of tremendous LOVE I have for my hair, this I’ve come to conclude is the reason for said emotions, and realize that it’s a part of the journey that I took upon myself when I decided to loc my hair.  It comes with the process…

“Insecurity” has always been within my DNA and goes back to my past and life experiences, and how they molded me into whom I am today.  I’ve always walked with confidence and that appearance of being strong in character, but below the surface that emotion has always laid in wait.  As time goes on you adapt, learn to live with it…as it becomes that “security blanket” that you’ve grown accustom to.  Therefore, you tend to forget it’s wrapped around you…but there are some who can see the invisible cloak.  The decision is made to either assist with getting rid of it or allowing it to stay.  That is when you see the integrity of the people you surround yourself with.

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Know, that as an individual only YOU can make the decision to either be held captive or be set FREE!!!  Most emotion never truly disappears, whether bad or good, but once you are consciously aware of your actions, then begin the process to turn it in a different direction.  In whatever manner that presents itself to you…but once you SEE it for what it truly is, don’t allow it to absorb back into your soul/spirit.  For if you do that, the chain will NEVER be broken and you will suffer on many levels because of the one mere decision you consciously didn’t make.