Assemblyman Sean T. Kean took time out of his busy schedule to participate in a Ghana Session at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Asbury Park. Attending this session were the dream academy students, the students from Ghana, Eric Jones, the CEO of Oiada International, Darryl Batts, and social studies teacher Mr. Wronko. During this session Assemblyman Kean spoke about the New Jersey Legislature and how it works. He talked about how a bill was introduced and passed through the legislature. Also he spoke about his life as a politician and remembering his first day on the job.

Mr. Kean also answered numerous questions from the dream academy and the students in Ghana. Some of the questions he answered dealt with:

1.Whether or not taxes were going to be cut.

2. How money was used in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

3. How companies were going to be created for more jobs.

4. Comparing the government in New Jersey to the government in Ghana.

5. How our current governor of New Jersey was doing his job.

All students felt that Sean T. Kean was a great public speaker and gave a wonderful presentation. In addition, he enjoyed this unique opportunity of speaking to the dream academy as well as the students in Ghana. He also looks forward to coming back for another Ghana Session.

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P.S. Thank you Mr. Kean for attending this Ghana Session at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.

Dream Academy students:

Juna Weedon

Alejandra Garcia Chavez

Hasley Clemente

Jimya Davis-Sloan

Vah’Kyla Esdaile

Enjonae Griffin

Guadalupe Hernandez-Nava

Abira Hodge

Amaya Hodge

Tiviana Kenney

Javon King

Kayla Lewis

Ariana Linares

Joseph Lopez-Barrios

Andrew Martinez

Tysion Murchison

Hailey Perez

Principal Supervisor of this event: Mr. Gerbino

Vice Principal: Zakiya Del Orbe

Thank you goes out to the security team at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.