Just recently Yvette Elgart’s chorus sang for the students in Ghana. They sang multiple songs in honor of Black History Month. The songs that they sang for the students in Ghana were “Lift Every Voice And Sing” by James Weldon Johnson, “Glory” by John Legend and Common, “Rise Up” by Andra Day, and “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson. Mrs. Elgart’s chorus did a spectacular job according to one of the lead teacher’s in Ghana, Papa.

Videos relating to the songs Mrs. Elgart’s chorus sang:

In the afternoon session, Mr. David Wronko, Mr. Tim Mason, and Mr. Elliot Ramirez spoke to the students in Ghana regarding their studies. This group session with Wronko, Mason, Ramirez, and the students in Ghana spoke about the rules of English grammar, history, and math. Besides academics, the conversation went into the realm of science fiction. For instance, the movies the Last Jedi and Justice League were discussed in terms of how well the films were. In addition, Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther were also mentioned.

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Last Friday Mr. Wronko conducted a private session with the students in Ghana. During this session Mr. Wronko showed and explained the Unheard Voices Magazine website as well as shown the wonderful video put together by Unheard Voices of the session regarding the King of Ghana. Mr. Wronko encouraged the students in Ghana to display their talents on the Unheard Voices Magazine website. They agreed.

When the afternoon session came, the students in Ghana told Mr. Wronko that they want to do a music video to be displayed on the website. Mr. Wronko was very excited and as a result the students in Ghana began to brain storm ideas for this music video. More to come in the near future. Keep reading and watching.

Topics also discussed during this afternoon session: Feudalism and the Moor Conquests.

Asbury Park Middle Schoolers Connect With Ghanaian Students Through Weekly Educational Sessions

Chorus Students

Nyleek Fitzpatrick
Kiara Dixon
Dakim Randolph
Diamond Marcus
Darrinaye Brisco-Johnson
Erwin Lopez Guitrrez
Jazziere Wilson
Claire Achedou
Ashlee LeGuerre
Imani Morris
Aniyah Lemon
April Langeran
Nykieria Young
Kaitlin Duarte
Makalah Shepard
Joesph Jose-Quiros
Devon Foster
Amequa Legagneur
George Hancock
Darriana Sapp
Aryannah Stevenson

Mr. Wronko’s Dream Academy Students
Juna Weedon
Alejandra Garcia Chavez
Hasley Clemente
Jimya Davis-Sloan
Vah’Kyla Esdaile
Enjonae Griffin
Guadalupe Hernandez-Nava
Abira Hodge
Amaya Hodge
Tiviana Kenney
Javon King
Kayla Lewis
Ariana Linares
Joseph Lopez-Barrios
Andrew Martinez
Tysion Murchison
Hailey Perez

Principal Supervisor of this event: Mr. Gerbino
Vice Principals: Zakiya Del Orbe and Melissa S. Lopusznick