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About Us

Unheard Voices was created and founded by Keith Covin in 2004, because he felt he needed a voice on an issue that concerned him. After a local media outlet wouldn't take on his story, he utilized his English degree from Rutgers University and started to put his voice to use. He realized in his community of Neptune, NJ certain groups were being under shadowed and perpetuated negatively in the media. So he created his own paper called Unheard Voices. Keith started this mission by creating a newsletter/paper form of the paper and circulated around his community. His daughter developed the magazine online in 2007, and this is how Unheard Voices Online Magazine was conceived.

With the help of his daughter, Chenelle Covin, Unheard Voices started to receive national and international attention from the stories they covered.

Then and now, Unheard Voices covers stories that are rarely seen or heard, and stories that may be seen and heard but written at Unheard Voices from a valued perspective. Known as the authoritative voice of the voiceless, Unheard Voices gives individuals a chance to be heard through its platform. Unheard Voices covers a variety of positive stories that affects the black and minority community. 

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Unheard Voices Magazine

Unheard Voices Magazine is a nationally syndicated online magazine that first started as the circuit for local minority news in the Asbury Park, Neptune, and Long Branch, NJ areas. Today, the online magazine has reached readers abroad with their content that has blossomed as a recognized black media outlet online. The online magazine focuses on social journalism covering stories from race relations, entertainment, LGBTQ, music, to health. The online magazine also proudly focuses on justice and advocacy for the black and minorities communities.

The Unheard Voices team brings years of experience in computer science, communications, and public service helping many throughout the years to get their voices heard and seek justice. Over the years, Unheard Voices has worked with Essence, Reverbnation, Sony, Atlantic Records, Hot 97, Two River Theater, and various major music companies to curate thought provoking news for the community. Our motto is “news, issues, and music that matters”

recipient of NAACP Unsung Hero Award
nominated 2011, 2012 Shorty Awards

Unheard Underground

Unheard Voices Music isn’t necessarily the “unheard voices” of music but a collection of real music that may be overshadowed by radio and television. It is also a space for music lovers across the world to support true artistry through word and song. This includes independent, unsigned, and even signed artists. In the past we have partnered with major record labels, public relations company to help promote artists.

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