House Passes Bill to Provide $5 Million for Lupus Research Program

On the evening of July 27th, 2017, the House of Representatives passed legislation that will provide $5 million in 2018 for the Lupus Research Program (LRP) at the Department of Defense. reports:

The Senate still must act on its version of the Fiscal Year 2018 Department of Defense Appropriations bill, which includes funding for the Lupus Research Program. If the bill is enacted, it will bring total funding for the LRP to $10 million! We will keep you updated as the legislative process continues. 

In the meantime, we want to let you know that the Lupus Foundation of America is working closely with the Department of Defense and others within the lupus community to help provide strategic direction to the LRP. We’re focused on ensuring that the new funding is directed to research projects that can make the most difference in the fight against this disease and the search for new treatments.

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