OJ Simpson, 70, went in front of a Nevada parole board Thursday to plead his case for early release after spending nearly nine years in prison after being convicted of robbery in Las Vegas in 2008. Simpson has always maintained that he was simply trying to recover his own sports memorabilia and never meant to hurt anybody.

The former football legend said he never pointed a gun at anyone nor made any threats during the crime that put him in prison, and he forcefully insisted that nearly all the memorabilia he saw in two collectors’ hotel room belonged to him.

“In no way, shape or form did I wish them any harm,” he added, saying he later made amends with those in the room.

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Simpson said he kept a relatively low profile in prison, following protocol, and not getting in trouble.

Simpson also said he has often mediated conflicts among inmates and took an alternative-to-violence course behind bars.

Simpson received unanimous 4 votes to be paroled. He will be released as early as October. By then, he will have served the minimum of his nine-to-33-year armed-robbery sentence for the bungled attempt to snatch the memorabilia he claimed had been stolen from him.